1982 Audi Quattro


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    Silver Metallic
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Guide price: £20000 - £25000. <ul><li>The Quattro Experience. An intoxicating combination of turbo power and four-wheel drive </li><li>One previous owner and a very impressive service history </li><li>UK-supplied, right-hand drive and 85,000 miles. In good overall condition. </li><li>Fresh MOT, realistic guide price ready for its next owner </li></ul><p>Audi's Quattro is a legend that re-wrote the form book in International Rallying, as well as causing rival manufacturers to rethink their offerings and was, quite literally, a trailblazer. The story began with Audi chassis engineer Jorg Bensinger, who spent a Finnish winter testing the Volkswagen Iltis - a four-wheel drive West German military and forest service vehicle - and found it could outperform all other machines on snow, whatever their type or power output. He put the idea of a four-wheel drive version of the Audi 80 Coupe to the company's hierarchy and, well, you know the rest. </p><p>The resulting model was launched to great excitement at the 1980 Geneva Salon and then released to European customers later the same year. It was initially powered a 2144cc in-line, five-cylinder, 10-valve SOHC unit with turbocharger and intercooler. This was the first time the mass car market had been introduced to the intoxicating combination of turbo power and four-wheel drive, and the results were spectacular. The car's effect on the world of rallying is well documented and was well and truly game-changing </p><p>According to the accompanying impressive history file, this right-hand drive Audi Quattro was delivered to its first owner through Smithfield Garage Ltd in Birmingham on the 11th November 1982. Only two owners have enjoyed this car in total with the first from new until 2008 and it has resided in our vendor's private collection ever since. Now showing 85,000 miles, this car has clearly been very well maintained with a seriously impressive number of stamps in the service book. The Audi is in good condition overall which you might expect given the expenditure that has been lavished on this smart silver coupe over the years. Bought to auction with a fresh MoT and offered at a realistic guide price, this lovely example is ready for its next owner. </p>