1975 Auburn Speedster


  • Baujahr 
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    30 394 km / 18 886 mi
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This classic car is for sale on Catawiki. To have more information or to place a bid click on the "BID NOW" button. .Do not miss this opportunity and become the new owner of this very unique and rare Auburn Speedster! This is a NO RESERVE PRICE AUCTION.

Auburn, Cords and Duesenbergs (ACD) became known for their advanced mechanics, performance and beautiful styling. The rich and famous owned these cars all over the world. They were a symbol of success. For all their characteristics, they were simply overpriced and ACD could not overcome the Great Depression. The Depression and the fact that Mr Cord began to neglect his car business (he owned many other large companies that earned him money) resulted in decreasing profits in 1932.

Auburn's production stopped after the 1936 models and Cords were built in 1937. The Auburn Automobile Company closed its doors on 7 Auburn 1937. A great era of building classic cars was over.

The company was sold to Dallas Winslow in 1938. Mr Winslow bought the rights to the Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg names along with all the other parts and the beautiful Art Deco administrative building. (The administrative building, on South Wayne Street in Auburn, Indiana, is now the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum). The company was renamed the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Company, Dallas Winslow offered replacement parts and restoration services for ACD cars from this building. The company continued to operate like this until Glenn Pray (a Cord restorer) bought the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Company from Mr Winslow in 1960.

Glenn Pray later built second generation Auburns and Cords from his factory between 1966 and 1981. This is one of the few original built Auburns of the second generation. The car is therefore listed as an 'Auburn' on the (Dutch) registration. This is nothing short of unique.

The Auburn has been completely restored over the years. He says he spent about $65,000 on the restoration of this very unique Auburn Speedster. Everything works properly and the car has a new Dutch periodic vehicle (technical) inspection. It’s ready to be enjoyed this summer.

You will not come across another Auburn like this one so don’t miss out on this great opportunity to become the new owner of this unique convertible!

Technical information:

Auburn - Speedster 851 'Boattail' Convertible - 1975

Brand: Auburn
Type: Speedster 851 'Boattail' Convertible
Year of manufacture: 1975
Colour: Burgundy red / Ivory - Two Tone
Engine and power: 5.0L (4949 CC) / 302CI V8 (250HP)
Fuel: Petrol
Transmission: Automatic
Odometer reading: 30,394 miles
Number of keys: 1
Margin: Yes, Dutch margin car
Documents / registration: Dutch registration and Dutch vehicle inspection valid until 2023
VIN: GA42959

- Chrome-plated exhaust tip(s)
- Chrome-plated front bumper
- Chrome-plated mirrors
- Dual exhaust
- Foldable soft-top
- Leather upholstery
- Leather seats
- Leather steering wheel
- Metallic paintwork
- Power brakes
- Power steering
- Radio
- Revolution counter

- Produced in the Auburn factory (licensed).
- "Auburn" on the registration.
- Dutch registration and valid Dutch technical vehicle inspection (APK)
- Invoices of the restoration are not available. However, many other invoices for recent maintenance are included.

The car can be viewed and picked up in Schiedam, the Netherlands. All technical inspections, test drives and viewings are possible prior to placing a bid. You may contact the auctioneer in case you have any questions.