1989 Aston Martin V8

Vantage X-Pack Coupe - 16,500 Miles, Two Owners From New


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    16 500 mi / 26 555 km
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The Aston Martin V8 Vantage was dubbed ‘Britain’s first supercar after its introduction to the press in 1977. Based on the elegant V8 Coupe which began production in 1972, the Vantage was a highly tuned version which benefited from significant power gains over the standard model, aided by the fitment of larger carburettors, bigger valves, revised camshafts and extensive suspension tuning

Vantage models could be visually identified by the by their large front airdam and ‘blanked off’ front grille and Vantage badges. With genuine 170 MPH plus performance, the new model was extremely well received by the press and customers alike with performance akin to the Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona

The ‘Vantage’ was the ultimate variation of the V8 series, produced over a twelve-year period and the final iteration of the model was known as the ‘X-Pack’. These ‘580X’ cars had a further power increase to 432BHP with subtle cosmetic revisions and are highly collectible today with just 137 coupe models constructed in total from 1986-89

This sensational manual Vantage X-Pack Coupe was ordered by Mr Dennis Angilley of Newquay, Cornwall, via Marshall (Cambridge Ltd) on 14th December 1988. Finished in ‘Rolls Royce’ Balmoral Green coachwork with Parchment hide (3672), Dark Green piping (3655), carpets in Beige (0289) with Dark Green edge (3655) with Beige headlining (8703)

As per the original build sheet, the dash top, steering wheel rim and spokes were finished in dark Green (3655), the horn push in trimmed in Parchment, Lambswool floor rugs were supplied in Beige and ‘V8 Saloon grille fitted in lieu of blanking plate’ by special request of the first owner, an unusual feature for an X-Pack and rarely seen

The original Warranty card (held on file) was issued 17th April 1989 and this Vantage was first registered ‘100 DRA’. Mr Angilley had the X Pack maintained without regard to expense, almost exclusively by AM Works Service throughout his sixteen-year ownership (1989-2015) as evidenced by the extensive service and maintenance records which accompany the car (see service history below). During his ownership the X Pack was carefully driven in good weather and covered just 1000 miles per year, trucked to and from AM Works Service from his home in Cornwall and never shown at any AMOC events or car shows

Listed in the Kean Rogers definitive book on V8 Vantage, the text states: ‘Registered on April 15th, 1989, as 100 DRA, a cryptic note on the build sheet lists it as being built out of order. It was ordered December 1988 whereas ‘X-Packs’ around its chassis number wise were dated June 1988. No other details were listed and it remains a mystery that follows the car, while still registered in the UK, it has not been sighted at all. Finished in Balmoral Green it features atypical Parchment interior piped in Dark Green and beige carpets. The V8 Saloon grille was fitted in lieu of a blanking plate. Location UK. No photo available.’

Acquired ‘off market’ by the second and current owner, a noted Aston Martin collector, via AM Works Service on 29th October 2015. This exceptional low-mileage, high specification manual X Pack must be one of the very best examples extant and we are honoured to have been selected to offer the car for sale for the first time publicly

Supplied with the original owners wallet which includes all the original handbooks, original service book, original warranty card, original order form and original radio handbook. Extensive service and maintenance invoices accompany the car as well as almost every MoT certificate from new, numerous road tax discs and two sets of keys

This outstanding X Pack coupe has a covered a warranted 16,500 miles from new in the hands of two owners and will be freshly serviced by marque experts R.S.Williams prior to delivery to its new owner. This Vantage is a unique opportunity for collectors to acquire an unseen example, finished in the best colours with exceptional provenance and fresh to market

Service History

4th June 1990 – Marshall – First service @ 1037 miles
19th September 1991 – AM Works – 20k miles service @ 1596 miles
16th January 1992 – AM Works – Air con repairs
26th May 1992 – AM Works – 10k miles service @ 1691 miles
16th May 1994 – AM Works 10k miles service @1789 miles
12th August 1994 – AM Works – replace exhaust gaskets
21st May 1996 – AM Works 10k miles service @2364 miles
24th April 1998 – Grange Of Exeter 5K miles service @ 3229 miles
8th April 1999 – Grange Of Exeter – MoT and level check @ 3444 miles
12th December 2000 – AM Works 10k miles service and unleaded conversion @ 4033 miles
27th February 2002 – AM Works 5k miles service @ 6200 miles
2nd April 2003 – AM Works 5k miles service @ 7390 miles
7th May 2004 – AM Works 10k miles service @ 8063 miles
27th May 2005 – AM Works – New rear bumper and r/h rear wing paint repair
7th June 2005 – AM Works 10k miles service @ 8926 miles
26th April 2006 – AM Works 10k miles service @ 9467 miles
14th May 2007 – AM Works 10k miles service @ 10,403 miles
7th May 2009 – AM Works 10k miles service plus chassis waxoyl @ 11,796 miles
7th October 2010 – AM Works 10k miles service @ 12,474 miles
17th October 2011 – AM Works 6 months service, a/c service, new suspension springs, geometry etc @ 13,721 miles
25th January 2019 – AM Works – 5k miles service, engine detail, carb tune @ 16,109 miles
13th May 2019 – RSW – Distributor fault, new battery etc @ 16,238 miles

MoT History

26th May 1992 – 1704 miles
13th May 1994 – 1789 miles
21st May 1996 – 2387 miles
24th April 1998 – 3239 miles
8th April 1999 – 3453 miles
12th December 2000 – 4065 miles
18th February 2002 – 6200 miles
2nd April 2003 – 7391 miles
5th May 2004 – 8043 miles
20th May 2005 – 8926 miles
10th May 2008 – 10,433 miles
20th August 2009 – 10.967 miles
5th October 2011 – 12,492 miles
25th March 2013- 14,543 miles
31st March 2014 – 15,337 miles
13th March 2015 – 15,605 miles
23rd October 2015 – 16,053 miles
18th October 2017 – 16,068 miles
7th November 2018- 16,109 miles
6th December 2019 – 16,415 miles