1972 Aston Martin V8

Sports Saloon Prototype


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    "Bahama Yelow"
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  • Leistung 
    310 PS / 229 kW / 306 BHP
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ENGINE : V540/1000

In 1972 the acquisition of Aston Martin by Company Developments brought with it a change of name for the V8-engined cars: out went DBS V8, in came AM V8. This new Series 2 was readily distinguishable by its restyled front that now featured two instead of four headlamps and recalled the looks of the earlier DB six-cylinder cars. Electronic ignition and air conditioning were now standard.
Introduced in 1969, the Aston Martin DBS V8 had an estimated 345bhp available from its 5,340cc, fuel-injected, four-cam motor and could reach 0- 100km/h in under 6.3 seconds, running on to a top speed of 260 km/h - a staggering performance in those days and one that fully justified the claim that it was the fastest production car in the world the first British Supercar. Such a huge and heavy car, the V8 came with four seats and the ability to take on and beat the Lamborghini Countach and Ferrari 512BB hands down
Propelling Aston’s V8 back into the supercar league was a version of the existing 5,340cc engine breathing through a quartet of Weber carburettors . Thee end result being an estimated maximum output of around 310 hp – in Rolls-Royce fashion the factory chose not to disclose the actual figure, merely claiming that power was ‘adequate’. Stunning from every angle, they represent the pinnacle of decades of hand-assembled Aston Martin production. True craftsmanship shows itself in every detail and the stunning combination of beauty, luxury and power is as rare today as it was when this car first saw the light of day.

Chassis number '10500' is a pre-production Series 2 as confirmed by the accompanying original letter dated 18th April 2002 and copy of the original logbook from the late Roger Stowers, Aston Martin Historian and Archivist (the first production chassis was '10501'). The logbook lists Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd as the first of owner recorded, and shows that the car's original colour was yellow. A change of registration mark to 'JNW 398K' in March 1976 is noted.

The previous owner Mr. Leon Smith bought the Aston Martin in England in 1999; in 2002/2003 - the sills, body and paintwork all receiving attention - and moved to Portugal in 2005, taking the car with him and sold some years later the last owner An Aston Martin Colector Mr. Yousif . The Aston has remained in Portugal ever since, enjoying the hot sunny climate, and is currently registered on historic Portuguese plates, with valid Portuguese MoT.

This car is a large file Maintenance documents all over the years also including some old MoT certificates and tax discs, and invoices from Post Vintage Engineers, HWM, and Aston Martin Works among others. There are also some photographs on file showing previous owners together with details and results of classic rallies entered.
- A rare opportunity to purchase a pre-production manual Aston Martin V8 .

- A rare and desirable 70s Prototype

- Very Rare and Superb looking due to it’s wonderful color combination Bahama Yelow exterior with Black interior

- Original RHD Converted to LHD
- An enormous amount of money invested during a restoration in Portugal in 4 years of restoration

-Extensive Restauration File with all details setp by setp

The V8 / 10500 / RCA chassis number is a pre-production series 2, Documented through Factory records by the original letter of April 18, 2002 and a copy of Roger Stowers' original logbook, Aston Martin Historian and Archivist. (the first production chassis was '10501').
The logbook demonstrates Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd as the first owner recorded in June 1972 until 1975. In April 1975 it is sold to its Second owner Michael Walsh , and shows that the car's original colour was yellow. A change of registration mark to 'JNW 398K' in March 1975 is noted.

The last owner is a classic car collector and AMOC member. The previous owner bought the Aston Martin in England in 1999 and enters Portugal in 2005 where it remains since then.

In 2016 it was for sale in Bonhams on “The Aston Martin Works Sale” auction , in is unrestored condition .

It is in 2016 about 11 years later that Jorcar acquires the car from the previous owner and begins a thorough restoration of 4 years in order to raise the vehicle to its current state of tender where the conversion to left-hand drive took place.

A serious amount of money was spend on the car to bring it in it’s current condition.

“V8/10500/RCA ' is many things…” declared as a Prototype in conclusion. “…Intriguing, mysterious, charismatic and compelling, and a small yet significant piece of Aston Martin history
Announced in 1972, the plain “AM V8” marked the end of the David Brown era although ,as they werein stock, 17 sets of DBSV8 badges were used until chassis V8/10519/RCA.. Under the bonnet, the cam covers were embossed “Aston Martin Lagonda”.

The condition of the exterior of the Aston is very beautiful. The body has been restored on a high level this painting is top quality level and the result is astonishing.Also the chromes in perfect state .
The interior of the Aston Martin is also very attracting and in our opinion colorwise the best possible. The Black leather interior color suits the exterior color of the car very well.
The condition of the leather can be best described as new.
The dashboard, including the meters are looking superb and everything is in perfect working order.
The carpets are in NEW condition without any damages.
If a car looks very nice it mostly disappoints in driving. But this Aston is driving extremely well and handles amazing.
The car is very fast.
The car has a superb sound coming from the exhausts.
The engine has been exactly set at a roller bank and therefore runs very well.
The reaction on the gas is perfect and much better as most Aston’s.
Driving the car is magnificent. The engine is so responsive and the sound of the car is very impressive.


- Restore files with all the invoices

- All pictures from all steps of restauration

- Aston Martin files from Historian and Archivist

- Maintenace files from the former owners

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