1969 Aston Martin DB6


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1969 Aston Martin DB6 'Mark 1' Vantage Project
Registration no. NBK 132G
Chassis no. DB6/3585/R
Engine no. 400/4034/VC

The culmination of Aston Martin's long-running line of 'DB' six-cylinder sports saloons and thus considered by many to be the last 'real' Aston, the DB6 had been introduced in 1965, updating the DB5. Although recognisably related to the Touring-styled DB4 of 1958, the DB6 abandoned the Carrozzeria Touring-developed Superleggera body structure of its predecessors in favour of a conventional steel fabrication while retaining the aluminium outer panels.

Increased rear-seat space was the prime DB6 objective so the wheelbase was now 4" longer than before, resulting in an extensive restyle with more-raked windscreen, raised roofline and reshaped rear quarter windows. Opening front quarter lights made a reappearance but the major change was at the rear where a Kamm-style tail with spoiler improved the aerodynamics, greatly enhancing stability at high speeds. These many dimensional changes were integrated most successfully, the DB6's overall length increasing by only 2". Indeed, but for the distinctive Kamm tail one might easily mistake it for a DB5.

The Tadek Marek-designed six-cylinder engine had been enlarged to 3,995cc for the preceding DB5 and remained unchanged. Power output on triple SU carburettors was 282bhp, rising to 325bhp in Vantage specification, complete with triple Webers. Borg-Warner automatic transmission was offered alongside the standard ZF five-speed gearbox, and for the first time there was optional power-assisted steering.

Autocar magazine found much to commend in the DB6 Vantage, remaking on the car's much improved handling, outstanding adhesion and exceptionally good braking figures. A mean maximum speed of 148mph was achieved, while the standing quarter-mile time of 14.5 seconds was the fastest the magazine had recorded for a four-seater. At 120mph the Aston was as effortlessly relaxed as other powerful cars at 80. 'For high-speed open-road touring this Vantage DB6 is practically ideal,' enthused Autocar's scribe, and few would disagree.

Its accompanying copy order form reveals that this matching-numbers DB6 was manufactured with the Vantage engine and ZF five-speed manual gearbox, while other items of non-standard equipment include chrome road wheels, heated rear screen, three-ear hubcaps, power operated aerial, front seat belts and power assisted steering. The original colour scheme was Fiesta (red) with black Connolly hide interior trim. Originally registered 'AGF 8G', the Aston was first owned by a Mr Whiteside of Viscount House, Horley, Surrey.

The AA Technical Services report on file (undertaken at Hat Pins, Chichester) was compiled prior to the car's transfer of ownership from Mr N J Pine of Selby-Pine Construction Ltd, Chichester to the current vendor in April 1975 at 51,265 miles (purchase receipt on file). Other documentation includes an MoT certificate dated September 1979 issued by R G Luther & Sons, Bournemouth at 69,435 miles; Aston Service Dorset's invoice for a major service in October 1979; and a V5 registration document dated 12/11/1979.

The Aston was dry stored from 1979 to 1991 when it was sent to bodywork specialist Jack Wasling who replaced the sills, jacking point, coil platforms, door bottoms and any other parts showing signs of deterioration. All cavities were Waxoyled; the floor pan treated with metal preservative; new wire wheels and tyres purchased; and a new fuel pump installed. Photographs of the work are on file together with a full list of replacement parts purchased.

The intended restoration proceeded no further and in November 1991 the car was MoT'd at Sandy Point Service Station, Hayling Island, the mileage being recorded as 69,604, after which it was driven back to dry storage and given another preserving coat of Waxoyl. The mileage total then was 69,653, the same as it is today. We are advised that the engine has been turned over or started and the car run on blocks every 3-5 months. Oil pressure (cold) is over 100psi. In June 2015 a rear quarter-light was replaced at Aston Service Dorset (invoice on file). Offered for restoration and sold strictly as viewed, 'NBK 132G' represents a wonderful opportunity for the dedicated Aston Martin enthusiast to bring a desirable DB6 Vantage back to life.