1966 Aston Martin DB6

An ultra-rare original left hand drive DB6


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- An ultra-rare original left hand drive manufactured DB6 Vantage Coupe with its original factory fitted Normalair Air Conditioning and Marchal fog lamps
- Presented in the cars original manufactured colour specification of Pacific Blue and Natural Leather Interior
- Just Thirty-Seven Cars ever produced to this specification
- Highly desirable Original LHD example
- Original Vantage Engine Production
- Original factory fitted with air-conditioning
- A magnificent ultra-rare example

Not to be satisfied with the success of the DB5, David Brown continued striving for excellence—and many enthusiasts think he found it in the DB6. Better performance, increased stability, and improved cabin space meant that the DB6 outclassed its predecessors in every way.

Although the DB6 looks remarkably similar to the DB4 and DB5, underneath the body it was almost an entirely different car.

The steel-platform chassis was lengthened by 51 millimeters, and the wheelbase by 102 millimeters.

Touring’s Superleggera body was dropped, and instead, aluminum alloy panels were placed over a frame of steel box-sections.

This allowed for an increase in stiffness without adding significant weight. Indeed, despite looking much larger, the DB6 weighed less than eight kilograms more than the DB5.

The most noticeable change, of course, was the raised roof and re-profiling of the by-now classic shape, including the addition of a sporting Kammback tail.

The entire seating plan received an overhaul; the seats were slimmed down, the shape of the seats was improved for comfort, and the placement of the rear suspension was moved to allow more room. The result was a true grand tourer fit for four.

From the outside, its minor details are what distinguish the DB6. Harold Beach, Aston Martin’s head designer, added split front and rear bumpers with overriders for the American market.

He also included opening front quarter lights, square rear quarter lights that echoed the design of the DB4GT, and a more upright windscreen.

Many of the additional equipment that was offered on the DB5 came as no-cost options.

The best of these, by far, was the inclusion of the Armstrong Selectaride dampers, which were controlled by a dial on the dashboard.

Mechanically, the DB6 is nearly identical to the DB5. Powered by Tadek Marek’s six-cylinder inline engine with three SU carburetors, the DB6 produces top speeds of 150 mph and records 0–60 in six seconds.


The factory record of this specific DB6 shows that the car was delivered to the United States Aston Martin distributor and purchased by its first owner, a Mr. Frederick H. Gillmore from Oyster Bay, a small coastal city in Nassau County in the state of New York, USA.

Completed on 23th of March 1966 and delivered six days after, the factory record reports that the car was ordered with nearly every option available at the time, including Vantage engine, Normalair air conditioning, heated rear screen, chrome Roadwheels and Fiam horns.

The Aston was next registered in the Netherland in October 2004 and later to a dealer in the United Kingdom with showrooms in Central London.


The body of the Aston Martin is very nice. The paint has a beautiful deep shine and the car has extremely nice gaps.
The chrome of the car is also in a beautiful condition throughout.
The front grill show some minor spots due to some stone chips thru the years.

The glass and lights are all in a very nice order and the car sits on brand new wired wheels. 

The interior of the DB6 is beautiful. The original color has been used during the restoration and the seats as well as carpets have been renewed during the restoration with period correct materials and colors.

The dashboard is in a beautiful condition with a nice gloss. All instruments are properly working.

The original wooden steering wheel is still present and is in a beautiful condition as well.


An Aston Martin DB6 is always a joy to drive but certainly a Vantage version.
The power is fantastic even as the sound.

The chassis and suspension are very solid. A DB6 is a sportscar with a comfortable character.

The manual gearbox which is a 5 speed gearbox is easy to use. The car handles very easy and can be used on a daily base in the modern traffic.

This is a unique opportunity to acquire a very rare original Left Hand Drive Aston Martin DB6 Vantage. A very unique appearance.

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