1965 Aston Martin DB5



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- An Aston Martin DB5 which ticks all the boxes being ORIGINAL left hand drive, fitted with airconditioning since new, being in it’s delivery colors and coming with an impressive history file
- Instantly recognizable, a car of unmatched power, elegance, and luxury
- Retaining its original engine which is recently rebuilt
- Unsurprisingly, it is accompanied by a detailed history file, even including the original purchase invoice of 20 October 1965
- Very well maintained and therefore superb driving example

The Aston Martin DB5 epitomized the success of the company’s mission to produce a world-class GT sports coupe with the English gentleman in mind.

The car was hand built and improved upon the advanced engineering that began with its groundbreaking predecessor, the DB4.

Superior materials were used imanufacture, such as aluminum-alloy body panels mounted over a skeleton of small-diameter tubing, which was patented by Touring of Milan as Superleggera construction.

Its race-proven engine was also made of aluminum, including both the block and its twin-cam hemispherical cylinder head. Then, of course, the interior was upholstered in the finest Connolly leather, which was complemented by deep-pile Wilton carpets.

There was a certain innocence to product placement in the early sixties. Incorporating a brand or product into a movie probably just seemed like a good idea at the time.

Eon Productions – having been spurned by Jaguar – turned their attentions to Aston Martin to provide the ‘daily driver’ for MI6 agent, James Bond… the rest is more than just history.

The 1964 Bond film, ‘Goldfinger’, made the DB5 one of the most famous cars of all time. Unsurprising as what man wouldn’t want to drive a beautiful car and imagine themselves as a wayward secret agent and all round ladies man.

With the DB5 being resurrected in the latest James Bond movie ‘Skyfall’ it has further cemented the DB5’s significance in both cult history and also in motoring history.


This example is a car which ticks all the boxes.

It is an original left hand drive example, it is newly delivered with the desirable air-conditioning option and the history file is very complete.

The history of this DB5 starts in October 1965 when James Cannon of Beverly Farms bought this Aston Martin for $14,117. He traded in his green Jaguar E-type Series I.

The DB5 was newly delivered in Goodwood Green with beige Connolly leather interior.
Extras included Normalair air conditioning, engine breather, chrome wheels with three-eared spinners, heated rear screen and a Blue Spot radio.

A month later Mr. Cannon asked for two bullet-shaped wing mirrors to be fitted while the car had its first service.

Mr. Cannon kept the car for the next 15 years, during which time it was regularly used by him and fully maintained by Seferian Esradrille of Cambridge, MA.

There are invoices on file to confirm all the service work attended to during this time (amounting to $16,157.71).

By January 1976 the mileage had clicked up to just over 67,000 and in April of that year Mr. Cannon was in correspondence with the Brookline Museum of Transportation offering them the car as a Deed of Gift.

The Aston changed hands in 1980 and then passed through a couple more owners, during which time it was still serviced by Esradrille and by July 1984 the mileage was 71,240.

The next registered owner purchased the car in 1991 and in 1996 it was completely stripped to bare metal, repaired as necessary and repainted.

Mechanical work included repair and replacement of the rear mufflers, front brake rotors (discs), pads and calipers, wheel bearings, engine mounts, steering rack mounts and a major engine service with valve adjustment all totaling $11,200.

Finally in December 2002 the Aston was comprehensively checked through by marque experts which included converting to Koni rear shock absorbers.

In 2002 the DB5 was showing 107,142 original miles.

The dedicated custodian of the car sold the car via Christies’s in New York in June 2003 after he owned this car for more than 16 years and spared no expense in its maintenance, always shipping the car to the UK for servicing at the Aston Martin specialists Goodwood Green.

Recent work includes an engine rebuild, which cost in excess of £38,000.

All information which is written above is clearly visible in the history file which is unbelievable complete.

Even the original delivery invoice of the Jaguar can be found in the history file!

This DB5 stands out not only for its presentation in superb Goodwood Green, but also for the fact that it has had just five owners throughout its life.


The body of the Aston Martin is in a nice condition. The fittings of the doors, bonnet and boot are excellent. The paint shows here and there a small sign of use / patina.

Recently a new set of chrome wired wheels and tires have been installed.

The chrome is in a very nice condition throughout even as the lights, lenses and windows.


The interior of the Aston is very attracting and in our opinion the colour suits the exterior color of the car very well.

The interior is lovely with Beige leather upholstery correctly pleated with matching door trim, oatmeal carpeting, wood rimmed steering wheel, a perfect working radio, electric windows and correct instrumentation.

The seats show a beautiful patina.

The carpets are all in a fine order and period correct.

The interior has proven it wasn’t just a showcase of period luxury, it was also very stylish and timeless.


We currently drive this Aston Martin on a daily base and can confirm that this is a fantastic driver.

Due to the recent engine rebuilt the car is a wonderful driver. When the key is turned the engine runs immediately. The engine revs immediately when the gas pedal is pushed. The response on the pedal is superb.

The gearbox shifts impressively smoothly without any noises and the clutch handles relatively light.

Driving an Aston Martin DB 5 is extremely special. Everybody knows the model because of James Bond and everybody seems to love the brand.
An Aston Martin is always accepted and people enjoy seeing an Aston life on the street.

For the continent it is off-course a huge advantage that this Aston is a left hand drive example. But amongst this advantage, the amount of left hand drive cars made by Aston Martin is rather low which results in a huge demand for these cars. Factory-delivered left-hand-drive Aston Martin DB5s are rare cars indeed. In fact, from a total production run of 1,021 cars, it’s thought that only around 20% were delivered in LHD configuration.

With its rarity, signature production features, originality and fascinating history with a very detailed history file, it stands proudly today as one of the most desirable Astons DB5, equally ready to be toured as David Brown originally intended.

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