1960 Aston Martin DB4


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"Launched at the London Motor Show in 1958, the Aston Martin DB4 emphatically demonstrated that a British manufacturer could better the Italians at their own game when it came to constructing the ultimate Gran Turismo. Classically proportioned and instantly recognisable from the moment of its introduction, the Touring-styled DB4 established a look that would survive, with only minor revisions, until 1970. Following in the classic tradition of close-coupled sports saloons, the 3.7-litre DB4 Aston Martin carries orthodox modernity to its highest pitch. A luxurious two-seat saloon which can carry four adults when necessary, it recorded almost 140mph as a two-way mean speed over the measured mile. That the DB4 was able to manifest this rare combination of unrestrained high performance and civilised docility was down to its magnificent engine. A new design by Tadek Marek, the DB4's all alloy, twin overhead camshaft six featured 'square' bore and stroke dimensions of 92mm for a displacement of 3670cc and developed its maximum output of 240bhp at 5,500rpm. The David Brown gearbox was a new four speed all-synchromesh unit. An immensely strong platform-type chassis replaced the DB2/4's multi-tubular space frame, the latter being considered incompatible with Touring's Superleggera body construction that employed its own lightweight tubular structure to support the aluminium-alloy body panels. The DB2/4's trailing link independent front suspension gave way to unequal length wishbones while at the rear the DB4 sported a live axle located by a Watts linkage instead of its predecessor's Panhard rod. The DB4's peerless credentials as a Grand Routier were summed up thus by The Motor: 'Performance, controllability and comfort have been combined in the Aston Martin DB4 to make it a highly desirable car; one in which long journeys can be completed very quickly indeed with the minimum of risk or discomfort and the maximum of pleasure.' Manufactured between October 1958 and June 1963, the DB4 developed through no fewer than five series.This DB4 was originally sold to Mr. R. G. Lawrence in Norwich by Aston Martin dealers Brooklands of Bond Street, London on 17th August 1960. It was then sold to Mr. Hudson-Morley in Leeds who then sold it to Mr. Boxston in Bath. After that, records show that the car was bought by father and son, Mr. Alain and Laurent De Clercq in France where it remained for a number of years. Whilst in Mr. De Clercq’s ownership, much work was carried out by Atelier de L’Artisan, owned by Frederic DeLaere, between 2012 and 2015, invoices for which are included in the history file. It was subsequently registered in the UK on 22nd March 2016 with the registration number it bears today. The history file contains a record of invoices detailing all work carried out each year from 2016 to 2019 by Aston Martin Works in Newport Pagnell which totals £38,942. Copies of photos of some of the work are also included in the file. The wonderful red leather interior is original and in very good condition and the present owner had the 1960 rear windscreen removed and replaced with a bespoke new one to include a built in aerial for the original radio which is in 100% working order. He also had some modern internal work completed to bring it up to today’s standard including converting the electrical system to negative earth at a cost in excess of £6,000, all whilst retaining the original aesthetics. The exterior paintwork, in iconic Aston Martin Metallic Green, is in exemplary condition. This fabulous example of the iconic British sports car is still stunningly beautiful and the sound of the straight six engine howling through the country roads is addictive. Without doubt this is a splendid example of one of Newport Pagnell’s finest designs."