1959 Aston Martin DB4

The 51st. DB4 produced


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- Extremely desirable 1st series DB4
- The 51st. DB4 produced
- Owned by the former owner for 30 years
- Wonderful color combination

The Aston Martin DB4 was first unveiled at the 1958 Paris Motor Show. It was a total new car for Aston Martin and a tremendous step forward for the firm. The “new” DB4 represented technologically wise and aesthetically wise a completely new car in comparison to it’s predecessor, the DB2.
The DB4 was built on a completely new platform chassis, had disc brakes all round and a completely new designed 3.7 litter straight six cylinder engine.
The body was also entirely new and as described above with a completely different design as before. The beautiful body was styled by Touring of Milan so a combination of a masterpiece of British engineering with extremely beautiful Italian styling.
The DB4 series I is extremely desirable due to the fact that only 149 examples were built and around 100 examples are thought to still exist.
The series I are characterized by simple bumpers, rear hinged, front opening bonnet and no window frames around the door glass (frameless coupe style).
The series I DB4 was in production from October 1958 to January 1960.


This specific Aston Martin DB4 series I has been newly delivered in the UK. It was delivered at the 7th. of August to it’s first owner, John Drummond.

The car seems to have had several owners in the UK and was sold in 1989 to the former owner.

This gentlemen had a nice collection of cars and th main theme in his collection was Series I cars. He took care of his cars and serviced them very well to keep the cars both mechanically and optically in a top condition.

In 2010 the Aston Martin was send to France to a well known company to carry out a body restoration as well as an interior restoration.

During the restoration the owner decided to change the color in this beautiful dark green with tan interior.

Technically the engine, gearbox and suspension have been overhauled approximately 2000 kilometers ago.


Today this wonderful DB4 truly represents the elegance and capability that defined the beautiful Aston Martin which changed the complete future of the Aston Martin company in 1958.
The impressive body but also the mechanical specifications are impressive.

The body is in a nice condition. It has been nicely restored with nice fitting and gapping.
The doors open and close smoothly and various bright work thorough the exterior have been polished and finely detailed to complement the beautiful car.

The paint of the Aston Martin is very nice. Not pristine but impressively nice. Actually in the condition as it was when the car was new.

The chrome seems to be original but in absolute excellent order. The grille is brand new but period correct.

Altogether, exterior wise the Aston is in a very nice condition.


The interior of the Aston Martin is extremely nice. The seats have been wonderful re-trimmed on a period correct way. The quality of the leather as well as the color of the leather is very nice and suits very well with

The carpets have been renewed recently.

The dashboard and instruments are clear and fresh and all in working order without dancing speedometers or rev counters.

The chrome surroundings of the meters are all in a nice order with slight signs of patina.

The inner roof is still completely original and in a beautiful condition.


When the key of the Aston Martin is turned, the engine starts easily and it become immediately clear that the engine is running very strong.
Not strange after an investment of a serious amount for an engine rebuilt.

The power in the car is amazing and the car is extremely responsive on the gas.

The engine has a good oil pressure and properly set up carburetors.

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