1953 Aston Martin DB2

Vantage Left hand Drive, Mille Miglia Eligible


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- The most desirable DB2, being an original Left Hand Drive example Rare original Left Hand Drive
- Matching numbers
- Extremely unique very old letters dating from 1960 about the car.
- Professionally restored in Italy in 2011/2013
- Mille Miglia eligible
- Original colour scheme
- With FIVA Identity Card and ASI Gold Plate

Writing in 1952, Autosport’s John Bolster enthused: “The DB2 is a very fast sportscar of immense stamina, as a long list of racing successes has proved. (The) model is remarkable for its comfort and luxury, and is also about the easiest thing there is to drive, outside of the “automatic transmission” carriages.’

Made famous for its incredible motor racing success, most notably at the 1950 and 1951 Le Mans, the Aston Martin DB2 was the first of David Brown’s cars to bear his initials. Although later DB cars would gain a reputation for being a gentleman’s luxury grand tourer, the DB2 was a sports car through and through.

Bolster enjoyed the DB2’s outstanding performance, particularly that of the 120mph Vantage version, and remarked on the car’s inherent safety and versatility: ‘Whether one would go shopping, to the theatre, on a long-distance tour, or even race at Le Mans, one could have no more perfect companion than the Aston Martin.”

In 1951, the company offered, for the first time, a more powerful Vantage option which produced an increased standard power output of 125 brake horsepower. The DB2 impressively swept the field of motorsport, placing 1st in class at both the 1950 and 1951 Le Mans and the 1952 Mille Miglia.


The Aston was delivered new on 7th March 1953 to Joseph C Cline of Hudson, Ohio via the local agent, Stanley Harold ‘Wacky’ Arnolt, the man later responsible for the Arnolt-Bristol sports car.

The Aston’s original colour combination was black with a beige interior, while the guarantee form also reveals that it was built with left-hand drive, windshield vent frames, Purolator oil filter, and manual control of the choke and ignition.

The DB2 went at a certain time to Italy where it was restored by a very well known person, Mr. Chiara. Mr. Chiara used to work for Carrozzeria Bertone and restored cars for the Bertone Collection.

Mr. Chiara carried out an extremely impressive restoration on the DB2.

All processes are well documented and one can see that this DB2 is extremely well restored.

Sometimes cars are after a restoration much nicer then they have ever left the factory. In this case, the originality has been taken in mind.

For example the seats are still in fully original but restored condition.

It is clear that a lot of work has been done on this car. Also from underneath and in the engine bay one can see that the correct companies have worked on the car.

The car seems extremely nice and extremely correct both in the engine bay as well as from underneath.

It will be difficult to find a more correct and more original DB2.

Very recently the Aston Martin has been fully checked at a well known Aston Martin specialist in the UK. An invoice of £ 13.000,- GBP is available.

The car is therefore ready to be enjoyed.


This is a typical Italian restored body because all fittings are extremely nice on the car.

During the body restoration, the entire car has been dismantled but as has to be done for a superb restoration, the relevant parts have all been fit in order to verify if the panel gaps etc. were as good as possible.

If we look at the car today we see an extremely beautiful DB2. A car which can easily be recognized as 1 of the better examples we have dealt with.

The paint is extremely nice, the doorgaps are excellent and all small details are correct and in a perfect order.

If we look into small details, the car is impressively well restored which can also be seen on the pictures of the restoration which are with the car.

The chrome on the car is just excellent. No signs of wearing or pitting.

The shine on the car is also very impressive. Altogether exterior wise, a very impressive car.


The interior has been kept as much as possible original. Off-course the seats etc. have been rebuilt but with the original leather.

Even the doorcards are fully original as well as the dashboard.

An amazing patina which can never be made. If one would not like the interior we would advise to keep the original seats and renew a new set because the current condition is extremely unique and will almost be impossible to find in another example

It is amazing to have the thought that the first owner has taken a seat in 1953 on the same leather.

All the meters are in a perfect working order.


Driving the Aston is fantastic. Due to the more powerful engine the car gives a great sensation.

The sound is fabulous as well.

The engine starts with a push on the button and the car is very well tuned and set. Brakes are working effectively, gearbox is shifting easy and the steering is rather straight for a DB2.

Altogether a very special and rare car with a well known history which has been restored/prepared and brought to a very high level.
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