1988 Arrows F1

Arrows A-10B BMW


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1987/8 Arrows A10/10B-5

Ideal candidate for Masters F1 exhibitions & demos

Devastatingly fast and yet easy to drive

Can be improved with modern electronics to remove turbo lag

Complete with a huge package of spares

Offered with spare engine and front engine covers

Ross Brawn designed full carbon tub

Powered by the iconic BMW Megatron engine

Arrows A10-5 was the fifth and final A10 built for 1987, to replace the A10 badly damaged at the Mexico GP in October and was raced by Derek Warwick during the final two races of the season, at Suzuka in Japan and recording a creditable 10th place at Adelaide, Australia.

With such little use, it was then selected to be updated to an A10B to become the 3rd/T-car used in practice and sometimes in qualifying at the first three Grand Prix in 1988, namely Brazil, San Marino (Imola) and finally at Monaco.

It was then sold in full running order at the end of the 1988 season and has remained in just two significant private collections since.

Ask any driver, team member or spectator from the grandstands; there was no period in Formula One that was more exciting than the Turbo era. With the boost wound right up for qualifying, engines frequently exceeded the still staggering 1,000bhp mark.

All this power meant that speeds of up to 200mph were frequently reached and, because of the manual gearboxes, were at times achieved single-handedly! For anyone still questioning just how exciting this was, the many clips of on-board footage from YouTube will give you the answer.

With the car offered for sale here, you can go one better than YouTube and experience that thrill from behind the wheel. Accompanied by a vast package spares, which incorporates all of the remaining components that were acquired directly from Arrows in 1988, this A10B is perfect for the new Masters F1 exhibitions and demonstrations.

Developed further since 1988, A10Bs can now be significantly improved with the addition of modern electronic systems to dial-out the severe turbo-lag that was experienced by drivers in period. The result is a supremely fast car that is remarkably easy to drive. With a spare engine included within the package, this Arrows is the perfect driver-training tool and track day car too.

We’ve owned four of these fantastic Formula One cars over the years and, having run them at various events since 2004, can first-hand attest to the enjoyment they provide.

Incredible value and performance, and shrewd buy now before historic F1 racing is possibly broadened to include a series for Turbo era cars – which must surely only be a matter of time.