1930 Amilcar C8

C8 berline


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- Rare model
- Relatively complete
- Noble mechanicals
- No reserve

According to the excellent work of Gilles Fournier on the marque, this little-known model was born out of the desire of Amilcar to go upmarket. Under the influence of American trends, the manufacturer started the conception of a model with a costly eight-cylinder engine. In 1928 the car was lauched at the Salon de Paris, and Amilcar signed with American brand Durant for the distribution of the new model in the US market. The new model was available in both 2.0-liters (C8) or as a 2.3-liter (C8S) version, with very promising qualities. The car's dynamic behavior came in for praise and the engine featured unparalleled flexibility. Unfortunately, this model was quickly condemned to fail due to the economic crisis and some teething problems: too little power and a certain fragility due to a lack of lubrication, resulting in a production that did not exceed 800 units. It remained a mysterious and very rare model, and we are very pleased to offer this example, bought alongside other models by Roger Baillon from Serge Pozzoli on June 22, 1967. We found a document detailing the transaction. The car is relatively complete with interior tissues under covers. The headlamps are absent though, as well as the marque's badge, and some elements are missing on the dashboard, but the fine mechanicals of an overhead camshaft engine looks complete, waiting for a passionate enthusiast to restore this unusual and rare model.