2003 Allard J2X


  • Baujahr 
  • Kilometerstand 
    14 100 mi / 22 692 km
  • Automobiltyp 
    Convertible / Roadster
  • Zustand 
  • Standort



14,100 MILES


            Hexagon Classics are delighted to offer this Allard J2X MkII, which is a hand-crafted roadster version of the famous J2X competition car. Retaining the classic design, this car cleverly incorporates the latest technology to provide a safer, more comfortable, and reliable iteration, whilst keeping the uncompromising performance. The J2X has special Allard-awarded serial numbers and a position in the Allard Registry.

Sydney Allard raced a Morgan three-wheeler in the early 1930s, then began building his own trials specials, powered by Ford V-8 motors. In 1946, he began building a line of sports cars bearing his own name, designated J1, K1, L, and M1, designating short-, long-wheelbase, four-seater and drop head coupe variants. They carried stark bodywork, American 221 c.i Ford and 239 c.i Mercury V-8 engines. Their performance was downright frightening.

By 1950 Allard had sold 854 cars and was marketing the J2 and K2 roadsters, and the P2 sedan, in which he won the 1952 Monte Carlo Rally ahead of Stirling Moss, becoming the only man ever to win the event in a car of his own manufacture. From 1951-54, the Allard Motor Company, built 83 J2Xs. A number of these gained international recognition on closed circuit racetracks, rallies and hill climbs, in Europe and in North America, at the hands of such iconic figures as Carroll Shelby, Zora Duntov, Masten Gregory, Gen. Curtis LeMay, Bill Pollack, Steve McQueen and of course, Sydney Allard himself, (who was placed 3rd at Le Mans with his J-type).

In keeping with the tradition of Allards being powered by powerful American engines, the MkII boasts a 350 hp GM RamJet litre V8 mated to a 5-speed transmission with overdrive, that produces more than 400 lb/ft torque at the rear wheels to provide a thrilling driving experience. 13” 4-piston cross-drilled braking ensure that the car stops as well as it goes. Just as well, as this car has twice the power of the original 1953 car. The MkII body combines composite material and aluminium; the cockpit has been stretched by 4 inches and a CAD-designed chassis includes energy-absorption, impact bars, roll-over protection and lowered the centre of gravity; it uses the latest in suspension, steering and drivetrain, which improves the overall driving comfort. It also provides a remarkably large boot space which is so essential for touring. 72-spoke wire wheels complete the picture.

Immaculate, with an excellent history file, and certificate of origin, our Allard J2X MkII provides enormous motoring fun and terrific value. 

Available to view now at our London showrooms.