1976 Alfa Romeo GTV



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French registration papers

- One owner
- Designed by Giugiaro
- A genuine Alfa

To succeed the legendary Alfa Romeo Giulia Coupé 200 GTV, affectionately known by everyone as the ‘Bertone Coupé’, was no easy undertaking. At a complicated time for the make with the introduction of its front-wheel drive models, enthusiasts were reassured to see that the new model was a rear-wheel drive coupé with a body designed by Giugiaro. The Alfetta coupé, which took its prestigious name from a world championship-winning Alfa Romeo, was unveiled in 1974 and had an original transaxle layout, in the interest of better weight distribution. Several versions of the car were produced, the engines on offer including a tuneful 2-litre 4-cylinder unit developing 130 bhp, which delivered good performance. In 1985, the Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV 2.0 bowed out after 75,022 cars had been built and sold. It was a great success for a coupé which is certainly destined to be a great classic Alfa …

The car which we are offering for sale is a one-owner Alfetta 2000 GTV, purchased on 30 December 1976 at the Jean-Macé Alfa Romeo dealership in Lyon. It comes with a substantial history file including all the service invoices, service booklet, the certificate of conformity with its traditional red diagonal line and the purchase invoice. The car is now in good overall condition. The body was repainted some years ago in its original shade of metallic blue. Inside, the velour seats and carpets have suffered somewhat from the sun but remain in reasonable condition. The dashboard, however, has aged well and still has the original radio. The car has seen little use over the past few years, other than to drive to the mandatory safety inspections. We nonetheless found that it had safe, balanced handling. This Alfa with its very interesting history is a rare item on the market, and without doubt an opportunity not to be missed!