1962 Alfa Romeo Giulietta



  • Baujahr 
  • Kilometerstand 
    94 312 mi / 151 781 km
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  • Lenkung 
  • Zustand 
  • Markenfarbe außen 
    Azzurro Iseo
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1962 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint

Your contact for this car is Mark Christof Jansen, +31616200100.

According to the information at hand from Alfa Romeo Centro Documentazione, this original Iseo Light Blue Giulietta Sprint with chassis number AR 350213 and engine series AR 00102 was manufactured on the 15th of February 1962 and sold on the 6th of March 1962 to Alfa Romeo Inc., Newark USA.

It is believed that this gorgeous Dolce Vita sportscar has spent most -if not all- of its life around Los Angeles in California until it was sourced there and imported to Holland about ten years ago.

Sometime, long ago, during this life at the Golden State, the car had been repainted once and work on the interior had been done. The car came fitted with an early type 5-speed gearbox, either a transplant or -- less likely but possible – a period conversion made with a factory-offered kit. The body of this Alfa Romeo did benefit from the favourable climate and survived more sound than average. Together with the rare original iconic colour and matching engine, this was one of the reasons the current owner acquired this Sprint.
In 2014, this gentleman decided to bring her back to her former glory with some reversible upgrades for more reliable daily use. I.e. a modern alternator is used instead of a dynamo, a spin-off oil filter mounted and an overhauled Solex PAIA carburettor fitted instead of the Solex APAI-G with known backfire problems. Several parts like the original dynamo, oil filter mount and air cleaner housing are supplied with the car.

The completely documented rejuvenation started with a full disassembly of the car by a specialised Alfa Romeo workshop where all technical parts were inspected and serviced. All paint layers except the underbody-coating were mechanically sanded from the body till bare metal. This revealed that the front wings were absolutely spotless. The very local surfacing sheet-metal issues like replacing the boot floor were professionally addressed. After the body had been prepared and resprayed, the reassembly was undertaken with the usage of reconditioned original parts or many original-quality new parts. The list is far too long to mention but is of course documented with the car. As an example the new wire harness was sourced from the original parts supplier in Italy as were the rubbers and the Carello headlights. The brightwork was polished and the original radiator grill parts re-chromed. Once the car was back together, a well-known Dutch rally car preparer, thoroughly tuned the engine and proficiently sorted occurring issues.

The photodocumentation and invoices give a reassuring overview of the extend of parts and work invested in this Alfa Romeo Sprint.

This charming light blue head turner starts on the button and is an absolute pleasure to enjoy with her nimble spirit.

'Certificato di Origine' from Alfa Romeo
Dutch registration.
Car can be seen and tested near Eindhoven, Netherlands.
Private sale, no EU-VAT applicable.
We are happy to assist with registration, import & transport.
Call +31 616200100 for any question or drop a line at mchjansen@goberson.com