1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta



  • Baujahr 
  • Kilometerstand 
    1 000 km / 622 mi
  • Automobiltyp 
    Cabriolet / Roadster
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Type 750
Serial number 169005
Nice restoration condition
French title

The history of the Giulietta coincides with that of the reconstruction of post-war Europe, some of whose cities are still in ruins; economic prosperity then reached out to the factories and Alfa Romeo decided to cut the bridges with the past of the firm, which produced only a hundred cars a year, in an artisanal way.

The old Milanese company was busy concentrating all its financial and human resources on production, even abandoning the competition that had allowed Alfa Romeo to make a name for itself during the pre-war years.

Under the supervision of Orazio Satta Puliga, head of the brand's design office, the engineers are working on the design of an inexpensive but terribly appealing sports car with a power and engine that will not deny the competitive past of the cloverleaf. The Alfa Romeo Giulietta, the archetypal Italian sports car of the 1950s, was born in 1954 when it was presented at the Turin Motor Show in a two-seater berlinette version. A light car with a short wheelbase and propelled by a 4-cylinder engine developing 80 horsepower with an aluminium block, cylinder head and crankcase, it was a real success and positioned itself a little above its competitors: the Fiat 1100 and the Lancia Appia thanks to its 1300cc displacement.

Its design, jointly produced by Scarnati and Zuccheli who sketched the coupé in 1952 The bodywork sketch, jointly produced by Scarnati and Zuccheli in 1952, was taken up by Bertone and Ghia to give birth to the characteristic features of the Giulietta Sprint; and even if some contrary ideas put the two famous body makers in competition, it was Bertone who took the lead from Ghia and ensured the industrial part of the production of the Alfa body and allowed the firm to respect its specifications.

Contrary to usual practice, the coupé was presented before the saloon and the cabriolet, both unveiled a year later; the cabriolet, which will be called "spider", was produced notably under the impulse of Max Hoffman, importer of a large number of European brands in the United States, who was aware of the importance of convertibles on the market on the other side of the Atlantic. The design of the spider is by Pininfarina, who was in the race against Bertone for this project but whose lines were more pleasing both for their simplicity and their resemblance to the coupé; the observing eye will notice that the bodybuilder was largely inspired by the Lancia B24 also designed by him.

A ceremony was held during the construction of the 100,000th Giulietta and proved to the market that Alfa Romeo had indeed become an industrial brand.

Beautiful, elegant, racy, the adjectives that qualified this Alfa Spider when it was first released by journalists are the same today, and the recipe for a light cabriolet with a nervous engine still works, as this model is highly sought-after by collectors and makes the Spider a "must-have".

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider that we present to you was first registered in May 196; acquired by its current owner in 2015, the car was then already restored by the Dougnac garage in Toulouse, a Fiat and Alfa Romeo specialist who undertook saddlery, painting and mechanical work to return the car to a beautiful condition. Thus, the front seats were covered in black leatherette with blue piping to match the bodywork; the exterior was given a complete paint job in an Alfa Romeo original Celeste KF colour and the chromes were reworked to restore their former brilliance. Inside, the black and white Bakelite steering wheel and the original Voxson radio are in good condition and elegantly decorate the interior. The dashboard is painted the same colour as the bodywork as originally and the three meters facing the driver are functional. A new waterproof soft top in black to match the seat completes the car. On the mechanical side, the original 1300 cc engine works normally without showing any major defects in a pleasant sound, the gearbox gears shift normally without hitching and the ride aboard this cabriolet is very pleasant. With its beautiful lines, this convertible turns many heads when you're on board; we offer you the chance to acquire some of the Italian elegance contained in this Giulietta with its mythical engine and bright colour; a weapon of seduction!