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    1 200 km / 746 mi
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    AR 1493.03585
  • Motornummer 
    AR 1315.03271
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    Lenkung links
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    Vereinigte Staaten
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Completely restored light grey 1957 Guilietta Sprint in mint condition. The car underwent a frame off complete, bare metal, restauration over the last 5 years. No expense was spared making sure everything was done keeping drivability and period correctness in mind.
The chassis number AR 1493.03585 and the engine number AR 1315.03271 originally correspond to an Alfa Romeo Guilietta Sprint manufactured on January 2nd 1957, and sold new in Paris on April 29th 1957. The body color was Grigio Charissimo (light grey).
The restoration process involved many Alfa Romeo experts to help determine and source the correct parts. Parts were sourced from the United states, England, Germany and Italy. The interior is completely period correct down to the cloth fabric sourced from Italy and the European gauges.
The engine was completely rebuilt and the transmission inspected. The fuel system and electrical system are new and the suspension and brakes were completely refurbished including the brake shoe lining. The car has 2 hidden upgrades in that is has a 5 speed transmission and 3 shoe front drum brakes. The car drives and handles well.
It has been driven approximately 1,200 k/m since completion and comes with certificate of authenticity, original data plate, complete tool set, jack, spare tire, shop manual and fifties Alfa Romeo key case as a finishing touch.

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