1976 Alfa Romeo Giulia



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German registration papers

Unique in the world
Magical gullwing doors!
Unknown designer

The archetypal Italian sports car of the Sixties, the Alfa Romeo Giulia enjoyed a career lasting 15 years and was produced in numerous versions. The famous ‘Bertone coupé’ owed its coherent, elegant styling to a young designer then aged just 22, Giorgetto Giugiaro. If its timeless design is still appreciated just as much by collectors as those new to classic cars, it is surely thanks to him. Several engines were offered which were very different from one another, and although the GTA and GTAm versions intended specifically for competition altered the appearance of the Giulia, the little Italian sports car never knew a stroke of boldness like this …

The whole world may already have seen or glimpsed the very elegant Mercedes 300 SL, known as the ‘Gullwing’, but no designer or coachbuilder could have had the idea – or rather the nerve – to fit gullwing doors to a Bertone coupé. No one in fact … save one! Deep in the German countryside, it was in the workshop of an Alfa enthusiast that this creation – unique in the world – took shape. A longstanding collector of the cars from Milan, he had dreamt for a long time of adding his own personal touch to one of the marque’s flagship models, following the example of Luigi Colani.
An enthusiast, but also eminently qualified to draw, design and produce this very special body, the creator of this unique Alfa Romeo Giulia 2000 GT Veloce ‘Gullwing’ also carried out a complete mechanical restoration of the car.
Sadly, its brilliant inventor never had the opportunity to enjoy his beautiful creation once it was finished. It was with much bitterness that his wife decided to part with the car, but its current owner acquired it with great enthusiasm in order to bring it to life on the road and at car meetings.
When we went to photograph the car, we realised how much curiosity and affection it evoked among the drivers and passers-by whose paths we crossed on the country backroads. But how can we describe the magical effect when the two doors are open … ? Let us pay tribute to its quirky, anonymous creator and give his car the place it deserves in a new collection!