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No. 6 from a total of 8 created
Presented in a one-off colour; Blu Largo
Only Disco Volante with bespoke woodwork – a “Road Yacht”
Offered from a private connoisseur’s collection

The successful 2012 Geneva Motor Show displayed the full scale model of the Alfa Romeo Disco Volante. Carrozzeria Touring returned a year later with the first production car which impressed the crowds yet again. Sixty years on from the first ‘Disco Volante’, the Alfa Romeo C52, the latest Disco Volante still carried that stylish and futuristic look, which naturally separates the Disco Volantes from everything else which can be bought.

​From the delivery of the donor Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione, it takes the craftsmen 4,000 man hours over six months to create a new Disco Volante. Each car is unique. They are only built to order, as each car will be commissioned to the exact personal specification of the collector. The excellent donor 8C Competizione is completely disassembled; the rolling chassis and drivetrain with the electrics and electronics systems are kept and put into storage for later use. The 4.7 litre 450bhp Ferrari designed V8 with six-speed sequential paddle-shift gearbox also remains.

​Work begins on preparing the chassis to accept its new body formed of aluminium and carbon fibre panels. The elite craftsmen form, by hand, the panels using traditional metal working techniques that were employed by Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera back in 1926. Once the body is completed, the experienced craftsmen move on to the interior fitting; hand cutting, forming, welding and bonding each element to the body. The body is then smoothed down ready for the paint to be applied as selected by the customer. Our client chose his own adaptation of Ferrari’s Blu Tour De France, which he named Blu Largo.

The design language and craftsmanship are simply outstanding. The level of attention to detail in this unique coach built modern day tourer is what stands out straight away from the extended rear overhang to the dramatic wide front. The Disco Volante is first and foremost a driver’s car that wants to be driven.

​This Alfa Romeo Disco Volante

Ordered new by our client, painted in one-off Blu Largo (an adaptation of Ferrari’s Blu Tour De France), the interior trim is finished in beige and blue leather with red stitching throughout the cabin with the steering wheel finished in dark blue. All the aluminium components are anodized in light blue. This is the only Disco Volante to be fitted with a wood trim interior, the wood trim can be seen throughout the interior and adds an elegant yacht-like feel to the cabin.

An Alpine stereo and screen (IVA-D511RB) were fitted in place of the original radio (still to hand) and a bespoke sound system by FOCAL was custom developed and installed, costing over €20,000; a rear-view camera is also fitted for ease of use.

This Alfa Romeo Disco Volante comes with its very own bespoke luggage set. The car has been regularly serviced at an authorised Maserati dealer, in line with Alfa Romeo guidelines.

This beautiful one-off vehicle has been show-cased at the famed “Quail – A Motorsports Gathering” in Carmel/California in 2017.