1934 Alfa Romeo 6C

Monza Pescara


  • Baujahr 
  • Kilometerstand 
    100 km / 63 mi
  • Automobiltyp 
    Cabriolet / Roadster
  • Lenkung 
  • Zustand 
  • Innenfarbe 
  • Zahl der Sitze 
  • Standort
  • Außenfarbe 
  • Getriebe 
  • Leistung 
    145 PS / 107 kW / 144 BHP
  • Antrieb 
  • Kraftstoff 


The story of this Alfa Romeo 6C Pescara Monza begins at the Spanish brothers Demetrio and Rafael Del Val. These gentlemen have dedicated their lives to anything that had wheels, you might say. It seems they had all the time to do that because actually working for a living they apparently did not had to. Stories and photos enough about their participation in motorcycle races, historic car races, Paris Dakar, etc. Additionally, they had their own museum. This was not a big museum, but what they showed was very special and of good quality.
No dusty cars who did not move anymore, all the cars of the brothers were regularly driven and therefore remained in good condition.

Yet somewhere in the sixties they did not own their absolute dream car: an Alfa Romeo Monza. The brothers were not poor, we can say so, but being able to buy a Monza is another thing. It is almost impossible, in terms of availability as well as what such a car will cost.
So the plan was to have made an exact copy. Which was commissioned by the British company AVRO, a company which also builds aircrafts. The chassis and wheel suspension was basically from the Alfa Romeo 6C Pescara. And we must honestly say that we have rarely seen such a beautiful body. Everything is super tight and fits excellent. Taking a good look at the many details it shows clearly that only true professionals have been working on this car. From fender struts to engine mounts: on any item, no matter how small, is very well thought of and are really perfect made. Many hours must be worked before the car was ready, but the result amazing.

In terms of technique was not chosen for an original Monza engine of 2300 cc or 2600 cc. but an later successor namely a 1962 six-cylinder 2600 cc. engine, with and the associated gearbox. A big advantage of course was that this engine was much cheaper and yet had enough power and was reliable. With this current engine the owner of the car can oversee properly the costs and the supply of components is no problem. Our conclusion is that in practice, the 2600 engine is a powerful engine that gives the light car more than outstanding performance.

Being part of the private collection of the brothers Del Val for many years, there suddenly came a hitch when one of the brothers died unexpected and the other one decided to sell the collection. At that point we also got the tip from a local that there would be sold some exclusive classic cars. In practice months passed before we even were allowed to see the collection. To make it all a bit worse, the surviving brother became also seriously ill and stagnated the purchase of the car of course. However, we kept in regular contact and a while ago we agreed the buy of the Monza and the purchase of this rare car was a fact.
Transport to the Netherlands was quickly arranged and once arrived here, everything was thoroughly checked.
The Monza got his classic Dutch numberplates and was registered for one of the leading rally’s of Italy: the Gran Premio Nuvolari. Actually, we were too late to register, but when we told the organization we want to start with a Monza they made some space in the starting list. ... Some may call this Italian preferential treatment…? We were just happy.

Starting and finishing in Mantova, the birthplace of the legendary racing driver Tazio Nuvolari, the roads were leading to Pisa and Rimini and back to Mantova again. The journey of 1100 km. through the most beautiful areas of Italy has been no punishment, but if you can do this with an Alfa Monza, then it is absolutely a ride to remember. Now we also have to admit in all honesty, that there have been some moments we regretted the start in this rally. Not because of the car, but because of the sometimes very bad Italian roads which seems to become more worse every year…. Of course a car like this who was especially made to run on smooth tarmac surfaces and not on an by the Italian government forgotten bumpy and bad road. Then we had to slow down a bit and a big smile came back on our face. If the road conditions were okay, the real character of this car showed up and we were easily able to join the theoretically quicker en modern cars such as the Jaguar XK and Aston Martin DB2.

We have over three decades of experience with all kind of pre-war classics and specials, but we were absolutely impressed of the stunning driving characteristics of the Monza. In particular, the control and handling characteristics of the, fortunately not so big car, is a revelation. Especially the insteer character of the Monza is really perfect. Unlike 99% of the classics with a pack of understeer. No, just steering in at the right moment with the right throttle position and speed and the car gives shows all all his qualities. A real joy for the driver and his possibly often speechless passenger. We have therefore finished with a very satisfied feeling at the finish and have now the experience how good the car is. A sort of practical examination...

Facts: Luggage compartment: no. Windscreens barely. Comfort: little, Roof: no.
Then way buying this Monza?
Luggage space: hardly necessary, an old bag hanging at the spare wheel is sufficient. Windshield: the small window helps a little and the experience is immeasurably greater then well protected against wind and rain. Comfort: we are not talking about a limousine but a race car .. Roof: we supply a large umbrella for the moments if it is really necessary ..

Our final conclusion is that the purchase of this Alfa Romeo 6C Pescara Monza must be like a dream comes true. An original Monza is not possible, but the car that is as closest possible to the original, is now for sale in our showroom.
If you are thinking that there are many copies of a Monza for sale, we have to correct that idea, because an equivalent of this car is very rare. So you can be sure that the car remains exclusive and that is of course positive for the future value retention. This Alfa Romeo 6 C Pescara Monza is a unique opportunity to own a rare Alfa which will give, every time you drive it, a wonderful experience.
The car comes with all the documents, pictures and FIA HRC Pass