1968 Alfa Romeo 2600



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1968 – Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint

French registration title

- Interesting restauration project
- The last Alfa-Romeo 6 cylinder
- Engine in in working order

The Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint is one of the flagship models of the 1960’s from this Milan-based manufacturer. Elegant and sophisticated, this high-end model received the stylish body design of Giovanni Bertone, who showed his talent once again with this large-dimension coupé, which can seat four passengers comfortably. Another specific point of this Alfa Romeo is its straight-six engine, produced by a company that would soon move on to V-engine architecture. The motor has a 2,600 cubic capacity with three double-body Solex carburettors, giving it 145 horsepower and the sporty handling that the brand is well known for.
Our 2600 Sprint is part of the second period of the model's production. Indeed, it is from 1964 that we can see an evolution adopting disc brakes, more enduring and in adequacy with the performances and the weight of the car. This one is in the collection of its current owner for several years and was one of his first vintage car, before his garage became a wonderful collection! The white leather interior has been restored while the bodywork is in a relatively sound state of use, making it a very interesting restoration project. The mechanics are sound as well and in working order, but the engine (AR00600 01368) will need to be overhauled before getting back on the road. Complete and in good enough condition, this car proves to be a beautiful project for the collector wishing a simple restoration project. 2600 Sprint in good condition are regularly displayed at prices above 50 000 €, the estimate we propose for this car is more than reasonable if we consider that an inexpensive restoration could be carried out.