1964 Alfa Romeo 2600


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Introduced in Geneva in 1962, the 2600 was the flagship gran turismo that the Alfisti wanted the previous 2000 to be. The potent 145hp 2584cc straight six engine was elastic and improved the comfort and the driving experience. Fed by three twin choke Weber carburetors and paired to Alfa’s excellent 5-speed transmission, it could reach the top speed of 200 kph. Largely unchanged from its predecessor, the style of the 2600 was the work of a young Giorgetto Giugiaro for Bertone. In particular, the shape of the greenhouse will later affect the design of the successful Giulia GT, one of Alfa's best sellers and most recognizable motorcars.
Not a particularly light car in its time, at 1370 kilos dry, the 2600 suited best the role of a fast cruiser rather than the one of a light and nimble sportscar. Few example were raced but the most famous role of this Alfa was (predictably) with the Italian Police, in the role of the "Pantera", a fast and effective law-enforcement tool.
Immediately loved by the press, which highly praised the comfort and the impressive power, it was a commercial success until its discontinuation in 1966. It was also bodied by the most famous coachbuilder of the era: Touring produced until 1965 a wonderful cabriolet and Zagato bodied 105 gorgeous cupès, highly collectable nowadays. The 2600 Sprint is the maximum expression of Alfa Romeo's idea of Gran Turismo of the 1960ies. A stunning car to drive, it is surely one of the classics that needs to be in every classic car collection.