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Registration number: 69-07-SM

When we talk about Alfa Romeos, our hearts still beat faster. Many of you know that we started our company with Alfas, so we have an incredible soft spot for them, which you probably understand. An Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV is a fantastic car in many ways. First, the design: unmistakably Alfa, beautiful proportions for a small coupé, and perhaps the best-proportioned car of its time. But that’s hardly surprising, since the car was designed by the famous Giorgetto Giugiaro. This legend has created many iconic cars. Then there is the driving experience of this Alfa Romeo; we are huge fans of the handling and the driving experience these Alfas offer.

The 105 series appeared in 1963, initially as the Giulia Sprint GT. For many, it was a shock, as many other brands did not have such great handling. Revolutionary might be a big word, but this Alfa was not, without reason, particularly popular. Moreover, many cars of that time were not as exciting as this thoroughbred Italian. Alfa certainly changed this. This Giulia had a 1,600-cc engine with over 100 hp. It soon became clear that this little Italian car had the potential for competitive purposes. It wasn’t long before Alfa came out with the GTA in 1965. The following year, Alfa introduced the GTV, where this potential was also applied for road use. The GT1300 junior was added to the Alfa program, and it was a very attractive coupé. The engine capacity was increased year after year with continuous, various adjustments to the bodywork and mechanical aspects. In 1967, the 1750 GTV appeared, and in 1971, the 2000 GTV that we present to you here. According to many, the most beloved version, although opinions on that may differ, of course.

The 2000 GTV is known as the most powerful variant, with around 130 hp under the hood. This Bertone is in good condition, and it is an original Dutch example with its first registration, delivered on October 13, 1971. The neat bodywork, finished in the color 'Prugna,' is nice, and the paint shines with a gloss that gives the car a lovely appearance. The sheet metal is tight and the panels fit well, as expected after restoration work. The chrome and stainless-steel accents all look good. The wheels are well-maintained and give the GTV a sporty touch. The underside of this Alfa is in good condition. Take a look at the photos for an impression.

The interior of the GTV has beige upholstery and gives a good impression. The characteristic 1970s dashboard houses the necessary Jaeger gauges, all of which function flawlessly and are clearly visible behind the large wooden steering wheel. The headliner looks good too, and the black carpets are very neat. The center console houses the five-speed gearbox, allowing the powerful 1,962 cc four-cylinder to smoothly transfer its power to the rear wheels. The gearbox shifts precisely. The engine itself has a beautiful and sporty sound when accelerating and sounds healthy. The two-liter is known for its torque-rich character and delivers enough power in every situation. This also applies to this GTV, as the Italian coupé effortlessly climbs in revs. The driving characteristics of a 2000 GTV are perfectly balanced with fantastic road holding. The combination of sportiness and comfort is excellent, and this example drives superbly. The GTV comes with documentation, including some photos of the restoration.

Are you interested in this beautiful Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV? Contact us today; we are happy to assist you. You are welcome at Gallery Aaldering in Brummen. We have years of experience exporting our vehicles worldwide, so ask about the possibilities.