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Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider (1961)

'Alfa Romeo - Made in Italy', says the nameplate on the door pillar of this 2000 Spider with pride. As if that would be doubtful, when you’re admiring this beautiful 1961 two-seater convertible. This Spider was built at Carrozzeria Touring in Milan, on the shortened platform of the Alfa Romeo 2000 Berlina. Less than 3,500 copies of the Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider were built between 1957 and 1961.

The 2000 Spider offered by Peet Classics, was imported into the Netherlands from the United States a few years ago. This American specified version of the 2000 Spider is recognizable by the two flush air hoops in the hood, which are separated from each other by a chrome trim. Also, the American version only has a single chrome strip on the flanks. This 2000 Spider is still a real two-seater, without the emergency seat in the rear that was standard equipment from July 1961.

Since this Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider was registered in the Netherlands, considerable investments have been made in the technical condition of the car. The two-liter four-cylinder engine with double overhead camshafts was overhauled by Sam van Lingen in Houten (NL), a renowned name in the world of Alfa Romeo. The transmission, drivetrain and chassis have been reconditioned by Caresance Classic Cars in Voorschoten (NL), a restoration and technical specialist of Italian and British classic cars.

The two-liter four-cylinder of the Alfa Romeo 2000 is directly derived from the 1900 double camshaft engine from the 1950s, developed under the direction of the famous Italian engineer Orazio Satta Puliga – who later also developed the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, Giulia, Montreal and Alfetta. The Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider's engine breathes through two twin-choke Solex carburettors. Semi-open air filters are currently screwed on the carbs, the original filter with housing are delivered with the car.

The bodywork of this Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider has never been restored; the sheet metal is rock hard everywhere and the patinated red paint gives the car an very original and authentic look. The quality of the paint is good enough to keep it in its current condition for years to come. However, should you choose to have the bodywork fully repainted, you do not have to be afraid of unpleasant surprises.

The car comes with a black hardtop. The red paintwork and the beige leather upholstery of the interior, light brown carpet and black dashboard are a very beautiful combination. The long gear lever on the floor is perfectly positioned, and is linked to a fully synchronized five-speed gearbox, which certainly adds to the driving pleasure that this Italian roadster has to offer.

Thanks to the spacious trunk, this very healthy Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider is an ideal classic car for long summer runs through Europe. The car handles fantastically, making it very much at home on mountain roads. Due to the comfortably tuned chassis and the fifth gear, the car is also ideal for long and fast stages on the Autobahn and Autostrada.

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