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1970 Alfa Romeo 1750 GT Veloce

For many, the classic Bertone coupes of the 1960s embody the pinnacle of Alfa Romeo. It is not difficult to understand why. In the tumultuous world of the Italian auto industry, rarely was anything without bumps, but the rapid and smooth development of the Giulia GT was an exception.

Produced at the newly opened Arese plant in 1963, Alfa Romeo's new coupe was built on the shortened base plate of the Giulia Ti sedan. However, the wheelbase was 160 mm shorter. The same aluminum twin-cam engine from the TI Saloon was used, albeit that on the GT coupe the Solex 32 mm carburetor gave way to two side draft 40 mm Webers.

The striking resemblance between the larger 2000 Sprint, launched in 1960, and the 1963 Giulia GT was no coincidence. Both cars were designed by the young Giorgetto Giugiaro for Bertone. Alfa Romeo had insisted that the smaller coupe bear a clear "family resemblance" to its larger, more expensive brother.

We fast-forward to 1967, and the third generation of the Alfa Romeo GT Coupe went into production - the 1750 GT Veloce. The 1750 GTV replaced the Giulia Sprint GT Veloce and brought with it numerous updates and modifications. Besides the obvious changes to the exterior and interior, the main upgrade was the engine's increased displacement to 1779 cc. The engine's maximum power increased to 122 hp.

A final drive with a higher gear ratio was added, but the gearbox ratios remained the same. As a result, on paper the car offered only minor performance improvements over its predecessor; the Giulia Sprint GT Veloce, but on the road it was considerably smoother to drive and could comfortably maintain higher average speeds.

The chassis underwent significant changes. Tire sizes were adjusted, suspension geometry was revised and a stabilizer bar was added to the rear suspension. The brakes were upgraded with larger brake discs and calipers. These changes resulted in significant improvements in handling and braking power, again making driving more comfortable and easier.

This car, originally a French delivery (22 June 1970), recently underwent a complete restoration. No expense was spared to prepare this 54-year-old lady for her 2nd youth. During this major rejuvenation treatment, the paint colour chosen was the fantastically beautiful 'Light blue' combined with a black interior. The 14-inch GTA rims with new Pirelli tyres provide the sporty looks. In turn, the Koni shock absorbers provide the perfect balance between comfort and sportiness. Needless to say, the entire technical side of the car was also overhauled and optimised.

We can confirm that driving this Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV is a real treat. The performance of the car therefore lives up to its name 'Veloce' - or 'fast'!

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