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- One of the best driving sports cars of the 50’s
- Extremely rare unique factory Left Hand Drive example
- The most desirable Ace variant
- Finished from the factory in Red, 1 of 50 existing
- Is believed that this example has been the first Ace with a remote control lightweight gearbox
- Ideal for vintage racing events
- 1 of 223 cars produced
- Overtones of Ferrari’s 166 Barchetta from 1949 are clearly evident in the shape of the AC Ace
- A very impressive file which comes with the car show the services which the car received during it’s life as well as the change of owners and other historical details
- Accomponied by Fiva Certificate
- A car with a beautiful history

‘Of them all, the Ace was the truest sports car: it could be used for daily commuting or for high-speed long-distance touring, but it could also be driven to a race meeting, campaigned with distinction, and driven home again – even if that race was the Le Mans 24 Hours.’ – AC Heritage, Simon Taylor & Peter Burn.

According to us as well as many professional writers of articles the AC Ace is one of or probably the best driving sports car of the 50’s. The handling as well as the power is fantastic. One can drive relaxed with an AC but it can be used very well on race tracks as well. It isn’t strange that Carrol Shelby used for his Cobra’s the AC as a base.

In comparison with the Aston Martin DB2’s and Jaguar XK 120, the AC Ace was in the time prized by many magazines as the perfect car to both race and to use as a touring car.

The Ace was debuted in 1953 at the London Motor Show and production began in 1954 and continued thhrough 1963.

The AC consisted of light-weight tubular chassis with steel boxes in the front and rear which supported a transverse leaf and lower wishbone independent suspension system.

If you look to the front of the car, you might have recognized the grille of the Ferrari 166. This because the Ferrari 16MM Barchetta which was made by Touring of Milan was the inspiration car for the designers of the AC Ace, Briton John Tojeiro.

After he had been smitten by the touring-bodied Ferrari, Tojeiro set out to build his own version, and in the process unknowingly created one of the world’s most iconic sports-car designs. The Ace’s shape is truly the embodiment of what a sports car should look like.

Due to the vehicles light weight, optimal weight distribution, responsive engine and handling, and stylish appearance, it attracted much attention.

The AC engined Ace has been manufactured in only 223 examples and, due to its rarity, in recent times has become a true investment and collectible car.


From records of the Ac Owner Club we found out that this beautiful example was retailed by K.Rudd Limited of Worthing and left the Works on November 29, 1959.

The car was originally Red as it still is today.

The first owner was a Mr. J.C. Haig, an officer in the RAF.

Is believed that this example has been the first Ace with a remote control lightweight gearbox.

It subsequently is recorded as belonging to a Mr. Asai of London, after which it was purchased by Peter Barrett in March 1982.

A detailed list of the work carried out by Peter Barratt between 1982 and 1994 is in the beautiful history file of the car.

The car was purchased by a Mr. Rowe from Essex, United Kingdom, on the 3rd of November 1994 from a Mr. Peter Barrett’s.

A detailed list of the work carried out by its new owner between 1995 and 2006 is in the history file of the car as well.

In 2010 the car went in Vicenza, North of Italy, where further work was carried out and the car was enjoyed in rallies as the Mitiche della Sport di Bassano in 2010.

The car was exported to Belgium in 2018 to its current owner from Knokke-Heist.

A very impressive file which comes with the car and show the services and restoration details which the car received during it’s life as well as the change of owners and other historical details. The Ac Ace is accompanied by a Fiva Certificate dated 2018.


This specific example is a very impressive car. The looks of the car are excellent because of the fantastic color combination.

But more unique is the condition of the car. The car is in a beautiful exterior condition.

By looking at the car, it is great to see that the restoration has been carried out very well. The doorfittings are superb even as the quality of the paint, the doorfittings and the quality of the chrome.

Alltogether this is a beautiful Ac Ace with some very little signs of use. Name it a bit of patina which belongs to a car like this.


The Black interior suits the exterior color in our opinion very well.

The seats were reupholstered during the life of the car and are in period correct material and in a beautiful condition.

All meters such as the oil pressure, oil temperature, amperage, fuel level, and coolant temperature meters are in perfect working condition.

This is a car in a condition which we personally adore. It’s certainly not over the top restored. The car is in a very correct and honest condition.


This AC Ace is an absolutely superb example to drive. Every AC is nice to drive but this car has been very well maintained and every aspect of its operation has been carefully sorted to provide the utmost driving pleasure.

The engine is very strong and superb tuned. The result is a very powerful AC Ace.

The transmission works properly, shifting is a little hard but this belongs to a racy car.

Please take the time to look for some seconds to the different pictures.

If you follow the lining and then specifically from the backside of the car, then you see how nicely these cars were designed in those years.

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