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The Abarth 750 Zagato is the most important car made by the “Scorpion” brand. The name, “Bialbero Record Monza”, is a reminder of the tecnichal and historic value of this model. Thank to this wonderful mastepiece, Abarth achieved a legendary record on the Monza track, reaching the top speed of 207 Km/h. The “Bialbero” (DOHC) was a totally new engine innovation, that garanted better performance than the previous version. The bodywork is factory original, as the engine that is also totally running. The carburetors had been modified: now the car has 2 “Weber doppio corpo” in order to give the car a better perfomance in races. This car has a huge palmares, with photos of most of the races and victories.
Matching number&color, easy to restore, chassis and body in good condition. The engine is working. The car has the original license plate and it is easily re-registrable with the original plate.