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1971 Aston Martin DBS V8 Automatic Sports Saloon Project
Registration no. ABW 169K
Chassis no. DBSV8/10334/RC
Engine no. V540/320

Although always intended to house the new Tadek Marek-designed V8, the DBS first appeared with the 4-litre six of the concurrently produced DB6. Styled in-house by Bill Towns, the four-seater DBS employed a platform-type chassis with independent suspension all round: wishbone and coil-spring at the front, De Dion with Watts linkage at the rear. Bigger and more luxuriously appointed than the DB6, the heavier DBS disappointed some by virtue of its slightly reduced performance, but there were no complaints when the V8 arrived in 1969. With an estimated 345bhp available from its 5,340cc, fuel-injected, four-cam motor, the DBS V8 could reach 100mph in under 14 seconds, running on to a top speed of 160mph - a staggering performance in those days and one which fully justified the claim that it was the fastest production car in the world. Even in automatic transmission form the V8 could reach 100mph in around 15 seconds and better 145mph flat-out.

Chassis number '10334' was first registered in October 1971 to a Dr Donald Brown of Shirley, Solihull and originally carried the registration 'DB 48'. In 1983 the Aston passed to a Robert Hamish Brown of Evesham (possibly a relative) and was reregistered '999 RRB'. The next owner, one James Atkins of Cropedy, Oxfordshire, acquired the car in July 1993 and exported it that same month to Germany, the registration at the time being 'ABW 169K'. Converted (at date unknown) to left-hand drive configuration and partially dismantled (the removed parts are inside the passenger compartment), the car is offered for restoration and sold strictly as viewed. Accompanying documentation consists of two old MoTs (most recent expired 1983), DoT correspondence, export paperwork and copies of old V5s.

Should the vehicle remain in the UK, local import taxes of 5% will be applied to the purchase price.

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