Type G 6 HP tonneau


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French title

- Original transmission system
- Competed in the 1993 London-Brighton Rally
- Runs correctly
- No reserve

Discovered in the 1960s by M. Meunier, an early collector, this car was then kept in working order in his property in Yonne. The husband of the current owner acquired it in 1988. This highly unusual motor car is equipped with a single cylinder 6 HP De Dion engine and features transmission with expandable pulleys. Patented by Fouillaron, this system would later inspire the Daf, and it is connected here to a conventional rear axle with bevel gears.
It must be noted that the " collectors " registration document indicates 1903 as the date the car was first put on the road. However, according to the book by Jean Maillard "La double vie de Gustave Fouillaron", the car has a conventional rear axle that would only have appeared in 1904. Moreover, the car appears in this book as dating from 1907, with no further details. It is reasonable to assume, given the engineering and the shape of the car, that it could have left the Fouillaron workshop in 1904.
It is equipped with a wooden tonneau body and displays a plaque with the name J. Gontier, Amiens. The hood mechanism is of a complexity that deserves admiration.
Very original, and in working order, as we were able to ascertain, in the company of the former owner's wife, this car is particularly rare, as only one other example has been identified, in the Schlumpf Collection, in the Automobile Museum in Mulhouse. This Fouillaron participated in the 1993 London-Brighton Rally.