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c.1969 Velocette 192cc LE
Registration no. TKK 35H
Frame no. 8935/34
Engine no. 8935/3

Launched in 1948 as the 'motorcycle for everyman', the Velocette LE addressed the criticisms most often levelled at motorcycles - that they were noisy, dirty and needed special clothing to ride - achieving impressive levels of silence, comfort and practicality. Sadly, its arrival coincided with the start of the scooter boom; asked to compete against Italian style, Velo's ugly duckling never stood a chance, even after the sidevalve flat twin's performance had been boosted by a capacity increase from 149 to 192cc in 1950. It was however, a big success with police forces, for whom its attributes were more important than its appearance, gaining the sobriquet 'Noddy Bike' as a result. Apparently complete, this ex-police LE was registered in Kent so presumably served with Kent Constabulary. There are no documents with this Lot, which is offered for restoration.