1954 Rumi Formichino


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Year: 1954-1960
Not registered, with papers.
VIN No. 21474_x000D_
Engine No. 21 608_x000D_
The ‘Formichino’ (Ant) was born in 1954, following in the footsteps of Piaggio and Innocenti. From the inspiration of artist Donnino Rumi you could only expect something unique, and this scooter had a load-bearing frame made of aluminium consisting of a front part that included the fork, headlight and tank, while the rear contained the seat. The Formichino adopted the tried and tested powerful engine of the famous ‘Turismo’, a twin-cylinder two-stroke with cylinders arranged horizontally and fed by a carburettor, which gave this scooter excellent performance. An unmissable opportunity to buy a beautiful piece that could be displayed in the living room but also great for some pleasant rides. Restored and presumably never used since. A general mechanical check is recommended before use.