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c.1938 Raynal 98cc Auto
Registration no. not registered
Frame no. not located
Engine no. XX4622

Hailed as 'a completely new make of motorcycle', Raynal arrived in 1937, its first offering being the 'Auto', an autocycle powered by the 98cc Villiers Junior engine commonly found in such machines. The latter went into an open ladies-style frame equipped with sprung, bicycle-type front fork and hub brakes. A maximum speed of 30mph and fuel economy averaging 140 miles per gallon were claimed. A cheaper 'Popular' model with un-sprung fork was added for 1939, the original Auto being renamed 'De Luxe'. An older restoration seemingly completed some time ago, the Raynal Auto offered here would benefit from further extensive refurbishment. It should be noted that the engine is seized. There are no documents with this Lot.