1959 Norton MANX


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The Norton Manx is without a doubt one of the most famous and successful post-war racing motorcycles. With its air-cooled 500cc single-cylinder engine bringing it to speeds over 200 km/h, its list of victories is virtually endless.

This Norton Manx 30M is a genuine and authentic 500cc production racer, built at Norton's Bracebridge Street factory in 1959. Production racers were made avaible in very limited numbers, and sold only to chosen customers. It is a true racing machine, featuring the short-stroke Manx engine, dry-sump lubrication, the famous Roadholder Fork developed by Norton, and of course the fairing which almost encloses the entire front of the motorcycle.

After several years of maintenance by one of the most respected Norton Manx tuners, Ray Petty, this Norton Manx was acquired in the '90s by Pierre Borns, the Belgian winner of the 1976 Danish Sidecarcross Grand Prix. On file, there is correspondence on Norton Manx performance parts between Pierre Borms and Andy Molnar, who acquired the manufacturing rights for Norton Manx parts in 1994.

Nowadays, one can easily buy a modern recreation of this legendary motorcycle, but this is the real deal: a rare original Manx 30M Production racer, and it can be yours for 55.000 Euro.