1995 Motorcycles Triumph

Daytona Super 111 by Cosworth


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To be auctioned on June 2nd 2010 by Historics At Brooklands, Weybridge, UK.
Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. is the largest surviving British motorcycle manufacturer. When the Triumph Engineering Co Ltd went into receivership in 1983, John Bloor bought the name and manufacturing rights from the Official Receiver. The new company (initially Bonneville Coventry Ltd) continued Triumph's record of motorcycle production since 1902, making it the world's oldest surviving motorcycle manufacturer.
Between 1992 and 1997 Triumph produced the much appreciated but ultimately underpowered Daytona 900. This bike was a successor to the 0riginal Daytona 750 and 1000 and boasted a more acceptable riding position designed to increase its sporting ability. Sadly, although deemed a very charismatic and robust quick, long distance cruiser, the weight was still too heavy to be a true sports bike. In 1994, Triumph modified a standard Daytona 900 with a Cosworth engine producing 115bhp and possessing the necessary ca