1958 Mondial 175 Sprint


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Not registered, without papers.
VIN No. 3815_x000D_
Engine No. SP 3815_x000D_
In the 1950s, Mondial, a well-known Milan company founded in 1929 by the Boselli brothers and famous for winning 5 World Speed Titles, was able to capitalise on the publicity generated by them with good sales results for the various models in its price list. In the 1950s, the most popular engine was the 175cc and, at the Milan Motor Show in 1956, Mondial presented its new 4-stroke engine, with distribution by rods and rockers produced by the Michelini company of Bologna, which was mounted, starting in 1957, on the 175 Super Turismo. In 1958, the range was extended and the 175 Sprint with a four-speed gearbox went into production. Restored and presumably never used since. A general mechanical check is recommended before use.