1958 Caproni Capriolo


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Not registered, without papers.
VIN No. 56 514_x000D_
Engine No. 36 155_x000D_
The joint-stock company AER-CAPRONI-TRENTO, founded in 1940 by the engineer Gianni Caproni of Taliedo, whose activity was aimed at air transport and aeronautical constructions but, at the end of the Second World War, driven by the strong demand to motorize the nation, extended its objectives to include mechanical constructions. In 1958, the Capriolo 75; model was presented, which was soon joined by the TV (Turismo Veloce – Fast Tourism) model, more elegant and sporty in appearance, with a long seat, low handlebars and more brilliant performance obtained thanks to some improvements on the single-cylinder 4-stroke 75 cc engine, credited with a power of 4.5 hp and assisted by a frame with cradle frame, telehydraulic fork and swingarm with shock absorbers at the rear. Restored and presumably never used since. A general mechanical check is recommended before use.