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1925 AJS 2¾hp Project
Frame no. to be advised
Engine no. 57788

Originally manufacturers of proprietary engines, A J Stevens Ltd, of Wolverhampton, introduced its first complete motorcycle in 1911. The first AJS was a single-cylinder sidevalve-engined lightweight displacing 292cc that came in two versions, one with direct belt drive (Model A), the other (Model B) having a two-speed countershaft gearbox, an advantage enjoyed by few contemporary rivals. The company first entered the Isle of Man TT in 1911, making an historic breakthrough in 1914 when it won the Junior event, the first such victory by a single-cylinder machine. From then onwards, the 23/4hp (350cc) sidevalve-engined model remained a fixture of the AJS range. Light in weight (around 200lbs) robust and adequately powerful, the model is widely regarded as one the finest of early Vintage sports machines.

This example first came to the owner's attention when he discovered it in a barn in the late 1940s. In 1969 he was able to purchase the AJS, and since then has carried out some restoration of the frame and cycle parts. However, the project remains unfinished and thus the machine is sold strictly as viewed. There are no documents with this Lot.