1978 Suzuki GSX 1000

Nico Bakker. Extremely rare custombuild street racer.


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In the early seventies, Nico Bakker, a very accomplished road racer, had reached a point in his career where his ultimate performance was being restricted by his machinery. The problem was the handling of his bike, and this is where the Nico Bakker story really started : he decided to build a racing motorcycle frame for his own use.

This first Bakker frame was built to very high standards, using only the very best materials. This became the Nico Bakker trademark. This first frame was the starting point for a new business, as his race results with this home-built motorbike was noticed by many other drivers. Other people enquired for a similar frame, and so the manufacturing company started. At the beginning of his frame-building career, Nico constructed his frames from steel tubing in the traditional manner, but his racing experience gave hem the knowledge of positioning the various tubes to achieve the optimum performance from the frame he was building. This quality of des

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